Revenue science and the future of hotel revenue management 

By Ravi Mehrotra - President & Chief Scientist at IDeaS

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2 May 2019

The evolution of revenue management and success for the next generation of hotel managers are intertwined, not to say inextricably linked, writes Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, founder and president of IDeaS. Based on more than thirty years of experience in the space, he offers observations on how that is so—and where the future may lead.

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Ravi Mehrotra

Dr. Ravi Mehrotra is the president, founder & chief scientist of IDeaS Revenue Solutions. Through the establishment of IDeaS in 1989, Dr. Mehrotra pioneered the “Opportunity Cost” approach that later became the industry standard for dealing with the complexities of the network or length of stay effects in revenue management. Ravi’s research and founding involvement in IDeaS is a natural progression of his scientific background. As an assistant professor at North Carolina State University, he invented new models for parallel computing; designed and analyzed both asynchronous and randomized algorithms for distributed processing; and reviewed many proposals for key government scientific agencies. At Texas Instruments, Ravi played an integral role in the development of a real-time scheduler for a complex manufacturing company. As a scientist in the Decision and Technology Lab of Andersen Consulting, Ravi was instrumental in the development and implementation of a fleet planning, scheduling and load consolidation system for a major household goods transportation company. Additionally, Ravi co-authored and holds more than one dozen patents. Today, Dr. Mehrotra remains an active and hands-on chief scientist at IDeaS. He continues to research increasingly sophisticated methods for dynamic pricing that optimize expected profits over longer time horizons, and is a widely-recognized leader in the field of predictive analytics, forecasting and dynamic price optimization.