7 February 2018

Get Involved: HFTP Councils and Committees

  • Get Involved: HFTP Councils and CommitteesGet Involved: HFTP Councils and Committees

HFTP committees and councils provide guidance and leadership to the association assuring that HFTP remains at the top of its league. The councils and committees are organized into two engagement levels. Click here to review the engagement levels and councils below to help determine which would be the best fit for your involvement.

Each task force, committee and council is aligned with an objective that supports the long term strategic plan for HFTP. To ensure that each group is appropriately resourced, HFTP volunteer submissions will be used to match volunteers with groups that best serve their interests, abilities and time availability.

Engagement Level I:

Requires members to attend a face to face meeting, participate in numerous conference calls throughout the year, and provides the potential for public speaking opportunities. This is our highest level of engagement and will require that your schedule and resources allow you to fully participate. 

Engagement Level II:

Requires members to participate in numerous conference calls and to communicate via email a few times a year to achieve the goals and objectives of the council or committee. 

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Jessica Blankenship

Public Relations Manager