20 November 2017

Good News! HFTP Student Memberships are Now Complimentary

  • Good News! HFTP Student Memberships are Now ComplimentaryGood News! HFTP Student Memberships are Now Complimentary

HFTP is happy to announce that starting November 1, 2017, and going forward, HFTP student memberships will be complimentary.

With the school year now in full swing, HFTP membership give students the opportunity to utilize member benefits which can help them prepare for their future careers in hospitality and access a global community of members across the globe.

Here some important updates regarding student membership:

  • Students can now join HFTP through the online student membership application rather than the previous pdf application.
  • HFTP student members receive all the great benefits, resources and services, of a full dues paying member and will continue to do so with the complimentary HFTP student membership.
  • Any current HFTP student members, who are due for renewal, will also be able to renew their student membership, complimentary through this online renewal form.

For additional information on HFTP student memberships, check out the HFTP student brochure or student webpage on the HFTP website.

Learn more: http://ow.ly/AE8i30gywaq

Jessica Blankenship

Public Relations Manager