5 July 2017

Upcoming HFTP Webinars: 2017 Edition

  • Upcoming HFTP WebinarsUpcoming HFTP Webinars

Registration is open for the following 2017 HFTP webinars secure your spot today. Click here to read more about HFTP webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

  • July 20 – Disrupters of Our Industry: A Panoramic View Presenting Varying Perspectives
  • August 15 – Getting to the Employee 2.0
  • August 24 – Chapter Leadership Webinar: Leadership Transition: Ensuring Success for Future Leaders
  • September 20 Club Digital Learning Day
  • October 5 HFTP Webinar - Topic TBD
  • October 12 Chapter Leadership Series: Charting a Strong Chapter - Best Practices for Planning
  • November 16 HFTP Webinar - Topic TBD
  • December 12 HFTP Webinar - Topic TBD

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Jessica Blankenship

Public Relations Manager