30 January 2017

HFTP Members Invited to Apply to Join the 2017–2018 HFTP Global Board

  • Pictured: HFTP 2016–2017 Global Board of Directors Pictured: HFTP 2016–2017 Global Board of Directors

HFTP® is looking for tomorrow's leaders today. The association is inviting its members to apply for available positions for the 2017–2018 HFTP Global Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee is seeking candidates to fill various positions on the on the Board of Directors. Detailed information about Board service and eligibility, and the applications, are available here on the HFTP website. The application deadline is Wednesday, April 5, 2017.


Serving as a leader for HFTP is a rich, rewarding experience and is critical to the effective governance of the association and in creating a collaborative community of opportunity for nearly 4,200 of HFTP members. The Board of Directors acts as the public face of the organization, assists with councils, and provide valuable insight into what is happening within the industry. The HFTP Board of Directors volunteers its time and leadership to propel HFTP to the forefront of the industry. Under the vision of the Board of Directors, HFTP is able to expand its reach globally and address the needs of the entire hospitality industry. For the HFTP Global Board of Directors Position Description and requirements, click here.

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Jessica Blankenship

Public Relations Manager