E20X Europe 2019 Award Winner Tackles Genuine Industry Problem and Solves It

9 May, 2019

Sam is a bright, AI-based chat bot designed by Finnish hospitality startup company Hotelway. Hotelway provides professional management of customer en

A Review of Today's Hotels of the Future

25 April, 2019

These days, technology is transforming the customer experience at an alarming rate. Many hoteliers wonder what the future hotel will look like. Flyzo

View from the Top: HFTP Global Goes Local at 2019 HFTP Los Cabos Chapter Meeting

2 April, 2019

This past February it was my honor and pleasure to present the HFTP Global Update to the HFTP Los Cabos Chapter. This is an amazing group of individu

Personalizing the Guest Experience While ProtA HITEC Europe Preview

20 March, 2019

As competition intensifies and technology evolves, the hospitality industry must rise to meet the latest expectations of all traveling demographics —

The Blue Ocean Shift: Unique Strategies Presented at the 2019 Executive Vendor Summit

7 March, 2019

Think about the moment when you first enter your hotel room. Look around: Does the room tell you anything unique about the hotel where you are stayin

DeThe Next Five Years of Business and Technology Disruptions

28 February, 2019

A highlight to HITEC® Europe‘s 2019 education program is the forward-looking keynote presentation by award-winning futurist Rohit Talwar. Talwar is a

The HFTP Mid-South Atlantic Regional Conference 2019: All of the Hallmarks of a Truly Great Experience

27 February, 2019

The 13th annual HFTP Mid-South Atlantic Regional Conference (MSARC) possesses all of the hallmark characteristics that make for a truly great regiona

Move Beyond the Classroom: Advantages of an HFTP Student Membership (First of All, It Is Free)

31 January, 2019

Joining a professional association can be an extremely valuable asset to students — and yet it is an asset that is more often than not untapped. An a

As a Benefit to HFTP Members, Hospitality Industry Leaders Share their Expertise in All Kinds of Ways

20 December, 2018

No one person can possibly have all of the answers they need to do their jobs or run their business, especially in the hospitality industry. Challeng

Fun with Fraud: A Serious Topic Examined by the Expert in an Entertaining Way

19 December, 2018

To learn more about the issue of fraud, how it affects the hospitality industry, and how to make sure you don’t become a victim of it, HFTP reached o

HITEC Dubai 2018: Through the Eyes of Attendees

17 December, 2018

Students Naftali Tanyongana and Ketan Redraft with the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) collaborated to record and share their exper

USFRC Eighth Edition Update Postponed Due to Upcoming Changes in Accounting Standards

7 December, 2018

This year, the Club Management Association of America (CMAA) in conjunction with HFTP hired a project manager and gathered a committee to update the

The Growth of Smart Technology Calls For Smart Strategy

1 October, 2018

Laurent Voivenel, a senior vice president in operations and development at Swiss-Belhotel International, shares his perspective on embracing innovati

AI and Voice Recognition Explored at HITEC Amsterdam

12 April, 2018

I have had the pleasure of a front row seat at a very special panel discussion. The hospitality industry’s top tech executives got together at HITEC

The Possibilities of Mobile Apps

1 March, 2018

A study found that Americans check their phone on average once every 12 minutes. That number may not be accurate for everyone, but you have to admit

The MSARC 2018: Professional Development on the East Coast, USA

22 February, 2018

I had the privilege last week of attending the 12th annual HFTP Mid-South Atlantic Regional Conference (MSARC) in Greenville, South Carolina. This is